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Learn how to convert, edit, sign, merge and manage documents


Conholdate Apps is a cross platform online tools for document automation, management and manipulation. Which allows you to edit, merge, convert, view, sign word, pdf, powerpoint (ppt, pptx) and OpenOffice document online just with few clicks. We offer simple, clean and intuitive UI/UX for your workflow to be as easy as possible. Conholdate Apps is FREE and doesn’t require an registration. However, if you are looking for an document automation you should consider to sign-in, which is also FREE. For registered users we prepared some enterprise features and document automation processes.



Our online document manager was designed to improve your document management experience and offers all required tools just where you need them.

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Cloud storage

Always have your important files with you. Upload as many files as you need with no restriction.

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Share documents

Share documents with anyone you want by creating a link. Link can be removed anytime.

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Embedded documents can be published at your website, blog or anywhere on the internet where HTML tags are supported.

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Publish documents

Got something useful and want to share it with the world? Publish your work, documents or documentation and everyone will see it.

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Publish forms

Build and publish your forms online with few clicks using our intuitive and newest forms builder app.

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Create and manipulate your organization to collaborate your document and forms with other registered users securely.

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