Embed documents

Embed documents

Show your document on the web

Embed an interactive document viewer into your website, blog or any other online resource as easy as uploading a file. No third party components are required - all you need is just a few lines of HTML code.

document editor

Content embedding

Replace downloadable content with an online document viewer that can be displayed in any browser. Post your resume, business proposal or terms of service on any website or blog.


Responsive layout

Adapt your content to any screen or device without changing the design. Even on a smartphone screen, the document is readable and easy to navigate.


Access control

Monitor embedded content from a centralized dashboard. Show, hide or replace documents on the fly from one place.

Interactive viewer

The built-in document viewer provides end users with complete interactivity, from full-text search to making comments and annotations.


Full control

Allow or prohibit downloading and printing separately for each document.


Quick registration

Register with Conholdate Apps in a couple of clicks and get FREE access to all of our document management and collaboration services.

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Create an account or sign in by clicking the user icon in the top right corner.


Upload your document

Click Upload button and add your documents to the online library.



Click </> button next to the document to enable embedding.



Click Generate code button and paste the HTML code to your web page.