Manage organizations online

Manage your organizations online. Create organization and invite as many members as you need to collaborate organizations documents securly. Share results of your collaboration with everyone in the nternet by publishing documents and forms from orgnization name.
Create different organizations to associate documents and forms with it and manage private access to them with specific users.
User Role
Manage organization members roles to specify access level and rights.
Store Documents
Upload and store documents directly to the organization for collaborating purposes.
Create a category and use it as a section of your organization when publishing documents and forms.
Invite members, manage their roles, work with your teammates on the same documents without the need to bring documents to them and installing additional software
Add any tag you need to mark published document or form with it. You can add as many tags as you need. Also you can use tags as search keywords.
Publish Documents and Forms
Share your documents and forms with everyone by ublishing them from your organization name.

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Manage organization members and documents online.
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