Generate documents

Generate documents

Assisted document authoring

Creating standardized documents from scratch can be a lengthy and error-prone process. With Conholdate Apps, you can help your users by providing customizable forms to be used to automatically fill out templates and generate applications, reports, proposals, and other unified documents. These forms can be searched and categorized as all other content of the online library, allowing you to easier reach the audience.

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Better visibility

Add forms directly to your content library to engage authors and increase overall visibility through cross-search.


Faster authoring

Allow safe and error-free document authoring for a wider audience, regardless of IT skills and experience. Focus on knowledge and business without wasting time on technical details.


Full customization

Easily create forms and bind them to document templates with an intuitive wizard without writing a single line of code. Publish forms on the web, share them with others via email, social networks or other online channels.


Create and publish any number of FREE forms for various business needs. Eliminate the need for specialized software and minimize the number of legal and technical advisors.



Fine-tune forms and automate workflows without writing code or using advanced design tools. Accurately match the needs and requirements of specific users and organizations.


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